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Adapter Boards have been restocked!

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who drops by my little site to grab one of these boards. I’m just thrilled to be able to offer this (very small) contribution to the Dolphin emulation community honestly. It helped me learn a lot about e-commerce, website maintenance, 3D printing, and the list goes on. It all started by happenstance during the pandemic, as I wanted to get my own printed but the minimum order was… a lot, and it’s just kind of grown from there.

It’s been a really fun journey, and I plan to continue to offer these adapters for the foreseeable future. The plan is to keep costs the same for now, but sometime in 2024 I may reevaluate. Shipping especially needs an overhaul, but the majority of proper shipping solutions involve a subscription cost, which just isn’t a good fit.

On the board pricing specifically, I will try to avoid increasing the cost, as I already feel it’s high when taken at face value. The driving force being volume; these boards aren’t flying off the shelves, which is totally fine by me, but I do need to take that into account.

If you have made an order during the back-order phase, you can expect them to be in the mail soon. The first wave is going out tomorrow, and the second wave will follow shortly thereafter.

Thank you again everyone, and if you have any questions as always feel free to reach out. I try to always respond, but if I missed one please don’t hesitate to poke again.

2 thoughts on “Adapter Boards have been restocked!

  1. hello I placed an order about 20 days ago but it is still in processing status when will it be shipped?

    1. Hello, the waves were split based on order date, and the first one did go out this morning as planned. The second wave, which includes your order, will be going out as soon as possible probably Friday or Saturday AM. I am sorry for the delay on that.

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