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Low Stock Update

Hello everyone,

I am working on my next order batch now, but for the time being I have adjusted the stock count slightly since I still have a handful left. Until I receive the next batch, there won’t be anymore beyond the couple of units I added back in. It usually takes about 1 month from when the order is officially accepted to when I receive the final boards, but that could be impacted by shortages. I currently have them set to allow backordering, but I may turn that off depending on the production house timeline.

I also wanted to thank everyone who purchased one of these from my little shop. It doesn’t generate too much cash, but it’s really been a fun little side hobby and I love hearing back from those that bought one and were able to resolve their connection woes. My original version is still going strong in the living room for casual game nights, and I hope all of yours are as well!

As always please feel free to reach out anytime with questions, comments, or concerns. I may not answer everything (especially questions about adding new shipping countries, which is more involved than it should be sometimes) but I do my best.

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