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Cases now available, and product back in stock!

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to announce that boards are back in stock, and I have also gotten a 3D printer up and running so I can offer cases as well! Price for case add-on is $5, at least initially, although I may increase it later depending on the effort required for upkeep.

Product Page Link: DacoTaco’s Bluetooth Passthrough Adapter V3

Eventually I plan to offer the cases individually, for anyone who purchased in the past and would like to add the case now. Price is TBD, but please feel free to add yourself to the wishlist here: 3D Printed Adapter Case

The case can be downloaded here: Case (Rev B) STL Files
Original: Case STL Files

Rev B: Minor tweaks for better fit were made on interior. The bluetooth module has a little more open space on both sides. This ensures no pressure is put on the module, only on the main board. This is the version I’ve been shipping for the past year or so, I just forgot to get the STLs exported and uploaded (I tend to use STEPs myself).

Credits and Licensing: Original by Yodashut, modified by myself. Licensed under CC with Attribution (same as the original).

The case is heavily based on Yodashut’s original, which I have adjusted slightly:
1. Hole for button is more centered.
2. Additional support for board added near USB connector.
3. Bridge over BT board removed to simplify printing.
4. Solid areas (support cylinder and front blocks) have been hollowed out. No change in rigidity has been found in my testing.
5. Removed triangular ‘hooks’ on Bottom so the case would more consistently click together across numerous prints. This did not make any change to fit and finish. With these little finish bits left on, about half of my test prints would have the clips bulging out due to being unable to fully seat themselves.
6. Increased length of cutout for BT board in the bottom to avoid squishing on the connector side. Note this is length, not depth, so it isn’t any thinner.

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Low Stock Update

Hello everyone,

I am working on my next order batch now, but for the time being I have adjusted the stock count slightly since I still have a handful left. Until I receive the next batch, there won’t be anymore beyond the couple of units I added back in. It usually takes about 1 month from when the order is officially accepted to when I receive the final boards, but that could be impacted by shortages. I currently have them set to allow backordering, but I may turn that off depending on the production house timeline.

I also wanted to thank everyone who purchased one of these from my little shop. It doesn’t generate too much cash, but it’s really been a fun little side hobby and I love hearing back from those that bought one and were able to resolve their connection woes. My original version is still going strong in the living room for casual game nights, and I hope all of yours are as well!

As always please feel free to reach out anytime with questions, comments, or concerns. I may not answer everything (especially questions about adding new shipping countries, which is more involved than it should be sometimes) but I do my best.

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Removing Germany from Shipping Options

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry if this causes trouble for those in Germany, but due to shipping issues I have decided to remove them from the available country list. This is due to both the packaging I use, as well as the German post service. I ship via USPS, as it is by far the most economical option for international shipping. However, once a USPS item reaches Germany, it is sorted as either a letter or package, and to be delivered as such. A letter would be handled by Deutsche Post, and a package by DHL (a part of Deutsche Post I believe). The packaging type I use results in this being too large to be considered a letter (of course), so DHL should deliver it, but have not done so up until now.

Recently I ran into this issue with a customer, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had an issue like this when shipping to Germany (an ebay item). I refunded the customer, but USPS can do nothing, and to their knowledge the package is delivered.

If anything changes I will reevaluate, but at this time I’m going to take the safer path and just remove the option. Sadly any other shipper besides USPS is just far too expensive, with the cost often being equal to the item itself!

Again I am sorry for the trouble, and I will investigate a better solution.

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Price to increase on Bluetooth Adapter

Now that I’m back and rested from vacation, I’ve taken a moment to reevaluate the price for the Bluetooth Adapter, and decided to increase the price to $50. This is due to:

  • Higher shipping costs .
  • Higher transaction fees from both processor options.
  • Hosting costs (bill won’t be for awhile luckily, but it’s higher).

For the next two weeks the price will remain at $40, in case anyone wishes to grab one before the price hike. Please note that the prices for shipping will remain the same. I may reevaluate minor tweaks to the costs as I look into supporting more countries (see below).

Additionally, if you have contacted me regarding additional country support, I am looking into a better way to handle this. In the mean time please feel free to still reach out directly, and I’ll do my best to get back and add the country if the cost and any country shipping requirements seem manageable.

Link to the Adapter, in case you are interested in picking one up: DacoTaco’s Bluetooth Adapter V3

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DacoTaco’s Bluetooth Adapter V3

A new revision for DacoTaco’s Bluetooth adapter is now available for pre-order!

Total purchase price has been decreased slightly compared to V2. Shipping (within US) is now factored into base cost. Additionally there is a temporary discount during the pre-order phase, running from now until January 2, 2021.

V3 includes very minor tweaks, mainly to increase range a bit. You can read more on that here.

Listing: DacoTaco’s Bluetooth Adapter V3

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DacoTaco’s Bluetooth Board Now Available

Hello everyone!

I launched this site to make it easier for anyone interested in the bluetooth adapter board to pick one up.

Listing: DacoTaco’s USB Bluetooth Adapter Board

If you’d like to learn more about the board, please check the following useful links:
Creating your own custom board
Setting up Bluetooth Passthrough in Dolphin